Project Manifesto

A marketing activity is an attempt to provide a select group of people with a tailored message that is meant to serve a specific purpose. Therefore, an effective marketing activity is nothing more than a closely-monitored timely purposeful information exchange in a deliberate practice for matching demand and supply. This implies that the value derived from every marketing practice is a function of time and ease of access. In other words, the instrumental value of data (be it the educational value of a lecture, informational value of a presentation, business value of an advertisement, or instrumental value of a semi autonomously recorded video footage of a friendly tennis match) is at its highest at the exact time the data is produced and delivered to the audience and it will eventually begin to diminish as time goes on.


The Need for an IT Infrastructure to Activate and Connect Demand to Supply

Taking into consideration the aforementioned properties, it is evident that the frictions of conventional data exchange solutions and inefficiencies of mainstream marketing and sales platforms cause the instrumental value of information to go to waste. In actuality, a vast number of business opportunities go unrealized because of the lack of a sufficient solution to allow people to overcome the shortcomings of the existing platforms. For example, the business presentation that could have been used to generate sales leads; the contact data that could have been collected from the visitors of an auto-dealership; or videos and pics of the private local sports that could have been captured semi autonomously and made available for sale to players! It is easy to imagine how many business opportunities of similar nature are missed out every single day. The root cause of this rather unwanted occurrence is that more often than not the demand and supply exist in physical world but the technology infrastructure and marketing activity to match the two are either built strictly for online marketplaces (online demand and supply) or does not exist at all! An Inclusive Frictionless Data Exchange Platform [patent pending] is an innovative data exchange platform that provides its users with seamless alternative solutions to exchange data. Unlike other platforms, users of LinkMe do not need to exchange emails, take notes, or make phone calls (varies by application) prior to exchanging data. Furthermore, users can connect to each other and exchange data without having any previous knowledge of one another.  Despite conventional platforms, business connections on are built after linked up data are looked up by users. LinkMe Files is a part of the inclusive LinkMe Platform that is designed for sharing files. Users of LinkMe Files can share and access data and digital content faster and easier than ever before.