Capstone Design Project. 

Science and Engineering Co-op.



- Proactive R&D

Curiosity, Courage, and Creativity are 3 pillars of building awesome products. As an innovation company, we value product ideation, forward-thinking, and questioning attitude very highly. Brainstorming ideas and challenging the status quo is our way of enjoying life!

- Learning Prospect

From a learning perspective, is a complex project that includes a variety of interactive marketing applications. The platform is being developed for web application with iOS and android applications coming along. The LinkMe project, as a whole, is divided into various sub-projects with crossover features and functionalities. Technical supervision is provided at every step of the project.


- Long-term Involvement (and Career Opportunities)

Moreover, qualified students would have the opportunity to join the company right after the project and be an important part of a promising BC technology startup. 


The Project: LinkMe Files (for everyday file sharing applications - patent pending)

LinkMe Files is a part of the LinkMe platform and its first application that is designed for sharing digital content. Unlike existing file sharing platforms, users of LinkMe Files can exchange data and digital content without having to conduct email exchanges or have any previous knowledge of one another! Users of LinkMe Files can share and access data and digital content faster and easier than ever before. You can try LinkMe Files Beta at

A Brief Technical Overview 

LinkMe Files is a part of the inclusive LinkMe Platform and its first application under development that is designed for sharing files. To this end, a reliable platform is required to process and handle the data transmissions efficiently and securely. Here is a top-level architecture which has been partially implemented in the past phases of the project: Once a user enters the website url in their computer or mobile phone internet browser, Amazon Route53 is used as a DNS server to resolve the DNS name to the url of our load-balancer. An Amazon ELB is used as load-balancer to distribute the website load to multiple servers. Amazon EC2 instances work as web servers to handle the user request on the website. Multiple instances in multiple availability zones assure website availability in case of unpredicted failures. Amazon DynamoDB is used as our primary database to store metadata. For example, the owner of the data, the permission assigned to a certain resource, etc. ​

Required Qualifications

Qualified "Entrepreneurial-minded" students will have hands-on experience in one or more of the following areas:​

  • Data structures, algorithms, and software design

  • Strong analytical and debugging skills

  • Deep understanding of NoSQL databases and core internet protocols

  • Ability to develop and deploy workloads to AWS cloud in a secure environment

  • iOS and Android mobile app development

  • Basic understanding of Agile software development

UBC Capstone Design Project 2017-2018 (Project Video)

Dejan Posavljak

Integration Testing

BASc, Computer Engineering

Kimia Nikazm

UI/UX, MeteorJS Client

BASc, Computer Engineering 

Kazuki Fukushima 

AWS, MeteorJS Client

BASc, Computer Engineering

Jeffrey Liang

UI/UX, MeteorJS Client

BASc, Computer Engineering

Garrett Hartnell

UI/UX, MeteorJS Client

Computer Engineering

UBC Scope 2017


Dongan (Andy) Liu

C#, .NET, DynamoDB

B.S., Computer Science

Alfonso Valencia

UI/UX, MeteorJS Client

Computer and IT Admin​

Kevin Yao

UI/UX, MeteorJS Client

Computer and IT Admin

Luis de Guzman

 Amazon S3, MangoDB, MeteorJS, Network Security

Patrick Neal

AmazonS3, MangoDB, MeteorJS, Computer IT Admin.