Interactive Business and Marketing Solutions [patent pending]
(Designed Based upon an Explicit Understanding of Users and the Application Environment)

Link Up Actual Objects & Tangible Assets!

LinkMe can be used for advertising in various markets. Unlike conventional advertising platforms, the information associated with an advertised object on LinkMe  can be looked up by simply opening the LinkMe app and pointing the mobile phone camera to the actual item which can be a hardcopy flyer, a store banner, a vehicle plate and/or a piece of property such as a vacant unit in a high-rise complex. The integrated visual search (built on VR/AR SDKs of Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Sumerian combined with Apple's iBeacon proximity detection technology) allows our clients to make physical objects identifiable for the LinkMe app. In most cases, opening the mobile app is all it takes for users to access the data associated with an advertised object and/or asset. 

- Benefit from Feedback-Based Marketing: Link up data <> Look up data >> Lock up deals

Anytime a linked up object is looked up by a user, the client is notified and receives the user's information. The platform is equipped with an innovative two-way communication channel to allow users to engage in business negotiations within the platform without having to make calls or send/receive emails. The dedicatedly designed communication channel helps clients to precisely assess each individual customer's needs and provide them with tailored-made offers to lock up deals. It also allows customers to signal their interest in an advertised object by sending a poke to the advertiser client. This simple but powerful mechanism incentivizes both our clients and their customers to use the LinkMe platform in hopes for making a deal. 

- Unlock Business Opportunities

LinkMe can be employed by its clients to unlock numerous business opportunities which would otherwise remain unrealized in today's inefficient marketing platforms.